Using Styrofoam densifier is the best way to promote the recycling of Styrofoam

Recycling was first used in the field of paper recycling. As early as 1031, Japanese shops began to sell recycled paper. Recycling has been developed to date, has been used in glass, paper, metal, plastic (such as Styrofoam recycling) and other material fields. But unlike the widely known glass recycling, few people even know that Styrofoam can be recycled through a Styrofoam densifier.

Why Styrofoam recycling is difficult to develop: First, because Styrofoam is often made into disposable products, such as meal plates, paper cups, logistics packaging, etc., people don’t know that Styrofoam can be recycled. Second, that Styrofoam recycling is conditional and is Styrofoam waste that is contaminated by drugs cannot be recovered. Third, the cost of directly recycling Styrofoam waste is too high.

But this is not the reason for refusing to carry out Styrofoam recycling. The California-based Styrofoam recycling specialist—GREENMAX has developed a Styrofoam densifier with a compression ratio of up to 90:1 in response to the high cost of Styrofoam recycling.

Styrofoam densifier complete machine parts are provided by high-end parts manufacturers such as Siemens, Phoenix, NSK, etc., semi-automatic operation, a small number of workers can operate. Mainly adopts hot-melt technology, which realizes compression through three links: crushing, screw pushing, and heating coil heating. It can perfectly squeeze out the air content contained in Styrofoam, and finally produce Styrofoam ingot called recycled plastic.

The focus of recycling is "reuse". Styrofoam ingot can be remanufactured into photo frames, hangers, stationery, park benches, and is the best material for imitating wood products. Because the recycled plastics market has broad prospects, GREENMAX is also purchasing it for manufacturing photo frames.

Some retailers are very happy to cooperate with GREENMAX, use Styrofoam densifier to recycle Styrofoam packaging waste, sell it to GREENMAX to make photo frames, and then retailers sell the photo frames as merchandise again, which has truly realized a cycle.

GREENMAX has always been committed to promoting Styrofoam recycling through the development of Styrofoam recycling equipment. We hope that Styrofoam recycling will be as well known as paper recycling.