Use Styrofoam densifier to label Styrofoam eco-friendly

Styrofoam has low cost and strong plasticity, and is widely use to make packaging products, such as fish boxes. Excessive use and recycling difficulties of disposable products have caused Styrofoam to be labeled as "contaminated", but Styrofoam densifeir can change this.

Styrofoam densifier A-C200 is manufactured by the famous California machine brand GREENMAX. GREENMAX was established in 2008. Aiming at the high cost problem in Styrofoam recycling, it specializes in the development of recycling automation machines to reduce the cost of recycling to promote the Styrofoam recycling project.

M-C200 is one model in the styrofoam densifier series, which includes a rotary cutter and a cold-pressing screw. The cutter cuts the thrown Styrofoam waste into a crushed shape, and then extrudes the air content in the Styrofoam through the high-intensity of the cold-pressing screw, and finally produces Styrofoam blocks.

Styrofoam block is a recycled plastic. The volume ratio of Styrofoam block to Styrofoam waste is 1:50, which greatly improves storage and transportation efficiency and reduces recycling costs. At the same time, recycled plastics can be sold as commodities. Styrofoam densifier is not only a machine, but also a complete Styrofoam recycling project.

This is why the Styrofoam densifier machine is so popular in the US fish merchant industry. GREENMAX has reached a cooperation with the fish merchant. GREENMAX acquires Styrofoam block, and manufactures it into exquisite photo frames to complete the real environmental protection.