Use GREENMAX Foam Recycling machine in the Ireland


Ireland's current foam recycling rate is 36 per cent, well above the current EU target of 22.5 per cent. Ireland must increase its foam wastes recycling by up to 80 per cent by 2030 if it is to meet strict new EU targets.


Séamus Clancy, CEO of recycling agency Repak, said the request would pose a "great challenge" to all sectors of Irish society.


The first one that needs to be changed is the Irish foam cutting businessmen. After the foam raw materials are produced, before the raw material becomes a commodity, the first process is to cut, and how to deal the scraps produced by the cutting is a problem that every foam cutting businessmen must consider. They need to compare cost issues, whether to pay the foam waste disposal fee each time, or buy a machine recycles itself.


At last, Irish cutting businessmen chose the GREENMAX foam recycling machine to use professional machines to help recycle scrap. This machine can compactor foam waste at a high proportion to form a foam block.


The scraps becomes a foam block, which not only helps to reduce storage space, improves transportation efficiency, but can be sold again as a commodity. Recycled foam block are needed by other broad end markets, such as wood-like substance manufacturers.


The use of the GREENMAX foam densifier to self-recycle is equivalent to a new economic model that converts waste into profit, which is the main reason why cutting businessmen choose this method. At the same time, it can reduce the discharge of foam waste into the ocean, which is also in line with people's growing awareness of environmental protection.