US wheel hub company puts foam into GREENMAX machine to complete profit


A US wheel hub company chose to use foam as its packaging material, and chose to implement the foam recycling project.


Foam waste has good seismic protection function as a package because of its expansion characteristics, but as garbage, it is difficult to stack and transportation efficiency is low. There are two traditional ways of treating garbage: incineration or landfill. However, when both methods bring cost or environmental problems to the merchant, it is necessary to consider the "recycling" treatment.


Foam is a plastic that can be recycled. After comparison, the wheel company chose to purchase the GREENMAX foam densifier machine and cooperated with GREENMAX to develop the foam recycling project.


The foam densifier machine uses a screw technique to heat the foam trash to squeeze out the air content of the foam and reduce the volume. Recycled by the GREENMAX machine, the foam trash is turned into a hard, tight foam ingot.


Foam ingot can significantly reduce storage space and improve transportation efficiency. But as a foam recycling project, the focus is on foam ingot, which can be repurchased by GREENMAX for making photo frames, allowing the trash to have a second life and complete the real recycling.


Wheel companies can also choose to sell foam ingot to other end markets, and the foam recycling project can be profitable, which is an important reason why the wheel company chooses to implement.