Turn Discarded Foam into Frame - Recycling Magic of Foam Densifier

If you pay attention to the exhibitions related to environmental protection, you may notice the beautiful frames in the stands of INTCO Recycling, a frequent visitor of various exhibitions. Maybe at the first sight, you will think that these exquisite frames must be made of high-grade wood, but the fact is absolutely unexpected. Their original appearance is actually the foam waste that can be seen everywhere in life. There is only a GREENMAX foam densifier distance between the discarded foam and the attractive frame.


GREENMAX is the registered trademark of a recycling machine produced by INTCO Recycling. Foam densifier is one of the representative machines of GREENMAX. The advanced hot-melt system is used to recycle foam. Once the foam is thrown into the hopper, it can be crushed and heated. Then the huge foam waste becomes foam ingots with a high compression ratio, the raw materials of plastic particles.


The treatment of foam waste by foam densifier is the first step of the complete recycling solution, provided by GREENMAX, for customers who purchase recycling machines. After customers recycle foam into hot-melt ingots with a foam densifier, GREENMAX will purchase back these materials at a higher price than the market to make plastic particles, which will become the raw materials for the frame production line of INTCO. This process smoothly completed the transformation of foam waste to plastic particles, and finally be frame, forming a closed-loop of the circular economy.


This recycling scheme has been confirmed in the cooperation between GREENMAX and QLS group, one national warehousing and logistics company. They apply GREENMAX Foam densifier for foam volume reduction, and recycled foam will basically be sold to INTCO, becoming an important raw material source for INTCO, and used to make framed products sold around the world.