Thermal densifier can be a great assistant to foam recycling


According to the Malaysia Chinese newspaper, recently after a field investigation of 30 beaches in Scotland, investigators found that waste foam products had polluted each sand, causing many damage to the living environment of seabirds, sharks, seals and whales. Such an investigation was organized By Environmental Protection Organization in the action of "Greenpeace".



It is estimated scientifically that by 2050 in Britain, 99% local seabirds will swallow a certain degree of plastic waste, at that time in the sea, there will be much much plastic garbage than the sea fish and more than 600 different species will be in Danger.


Obviously, we can not totally prohibit the use of foam products as it probably brought large parties to our life, nevertheless, the pollution it causes out to be out of control and actions must be taken to solve it. Thus, only by effective foam Recycling can the sea fish and other species survive from these foam waste.



Thermal densifier, a kind of specialized eps recycling machine, can be a great assistant to foam recycling. Such a machine can help smash the bulky foam into pieces and then reduce the volume by melting the pieces into small ingots. With such a magical machine, Both the storage space and the transportation cost can be saved in a large extent.


GRE can send the most refined thermal densifier for foam recycling. It can work at a ratio of 90: 1, after the foam reduction, the next step the foam ingots will go by what we called granulation . The plastic pellets derived from granulation can be made into other plastic products, such as photo frames.


Thus, we say that GREENMAX recycling, undoubtedly, can be referred to as the NO.1 that can realize a close loop of recycling. Concerning the foam recycling, we are waiting for you!