The working principle of GREENMAX Styrofoam shredder machine


GREENMAX Styrofoam shredder offers a solution to waste Styrofoam disposal by crushing the large volume foam waste into manageable size, and the crushed Styrofoam can be directly reused in the production process. In addition, a shredder can be equipped with a Styrofoam compactor or a granulator to improve the efficiency of Styrofoam recycling.



Function of GREENMAX Styrofoam shredder

The equipment has two fixed crushers, which can crush the loose foam into pieces and reduce the size of Styrofoam to 5-10mm at a time. The crushed Styrofoam is easier to reuse, and save transportation costs at the same time.

Shredded Styrofoam has many uses. For example, if you have a Styrofoam shredding and compacting system, it can be further compressed by a Styrofoam compactor to make foam blocks, or used as building materials, such as IFC (Insulated Concrete Brick) bricks, insulation boards, and shockproof fillers. Moreover, it can also be used to make PS granules.



Technical Characteristics of Styrofoam shredding machine

1. The rated treatment capacity of the equipment is 400kg/h, which can meet the production needs.

2. The equipment has two modes, they are automatic and manual, it is very humane, can meet the need of different people.

3. The is very reliable, which can be used for a long time in the absence of unexpected circumstance.



Applications and scope of applications

GREENMAX Styrofoam shredder is mainly used for waste foam disposal, including EPS (expanded polystyrene/Styrofoam), XPS, EPP, PE foam, etc. It is not proper to handle solid material with this device.

GREENMAX Styrofoam shredder not only makes a great contribution to the recycling of waste foam materials, but also has important significance to the environment. This equipment can effectively reduce the entry of various types of foam waste into the environment and realize the sustainable development of resources.