The Utilization of EPS Foam Compactor Brings Convenience to the EPS Foam Recycling in North America

In North America, the recycling of EPS foam was not an easy thing, let alone reuse. Since the plastic identification number of EPS foam is No.6, some people call it 'public enemy No. 6,' which is because the EPS foam takeout containers, electronics packaging, coolers and other products we discard each year are more likely to pollute waterways or get buried in landfills than they are to be recycled. According to the recycling report, less than 4% of EPS foam containers and packaging were recovered in the United States in 2012.


In fact, it's not that North Americans or enterprises have low environmental awareness and are unwilling to protect the environment, but recycling EPS foam is really a very difficult activity. According to the Canadian Plastics Industry Association, only 35% of recycling programs include EPS foam, which forces people to landfill it, However, the appearance of GREENMAX EPS foam compactor will bring about some changes in this situation.


As the second largest foam manufacturer in the construction industry in Canada, AMVIC INC took the initiative to carry out its own reform on EPS foam recycling. In the production of products, AMVIC INC will produce a lot of foam leftover and made them feel headache. After learning that many peers used recycling machines to treat waste EPS foam, AMVIC INC also decided to cooperate with GREENMAX, which is on behalf of the recycling industry and purchased EPS foam compactor A-C100. After achieving good results, they purchased GREENMAX EPS foam compactor A-C300 with higher production capacity, which perfectly solved the trouble of EPS foam recycling.


According to the latest EPS foam recycling report, 136.8 million pools of EPS foam were recovered in the United States in 2019, while the figure in Canada was 3500 million kilograms. This is inseparable from the EPS foam recycling machine represented by EPS foam compactor. Compared with the huge cost and environmental pollution caused by landfills, the use of EPS foam recycling machines to recycle EPS foam, which is both environmental protection and scientific method, has been more and more recognized in the world.