The Use of Foam Compactor by Government will be Effective Means to Curb Marine Foam Pollution

The Appeal of the 13th Earth Oceans Day
Yesterday, people ushered in the 13th World Oceans Day. The theme for World Oceans Day in 2021 is 'The Ocean: Life & Livelihoods'. If you read the news often or have a certain understanding of ocean knowledge, you must know clearly what kind of crisis the ocean is in today: human activities are making the world ocean pay a terrible price.

Overexploitation, illegal, unauthorized, and unregulated fishing, destructive fishing methods, alien invasive species, and marine pollution, especially from land, are destroying some vulnerable marine ecosystems such as corals. Today we are going to focus on foam, which is one of the important factors causing marine pollution.

The Situation of Foam Pollution in the Ocean
Perhaps you may expect that the bubble is one of the arch-criminal culprits of marine pollution, ranking second in the total number of debris in southern California beach. In addition, plastic pollution (especially polystyrene foam) accounts for 90% of all marine waste, and disposable food and beverage containers are one of the most common items found in marine and coastal surveys.

As for the increasingly serious marine pollution, the government should not stand idly by. This is the ecosystem on which we live. It may be time for the eco-friendly foam compactor to come into the sight of more governments and use it for recycling to protect the environment.

The Effective Recycling of Foam Compactor
Before explaining the efficient recycling capability of foam compactor, a question should be first answered: why can foam compactor be called an eco-friendly device? In fact, there are three reasons:
①There is no foam gasification in the recovery process and no exhaust gas emission.
② It can recycle foam with a compression ratio of 1 / 50 and develop circularly.
③ The equipment uses cold pressing technology, no heating process, energy-saving, and environmental protection.

Foam compactor can adapt to all kinds of strict gas emission and energy consumption policies, and will not produce any pollution and secondary waste. It is a machine that the government can safely invest in environmental protection projects. In addition, its efficient recovery capacity is the best choice for the treatment of foam, which can compress loose or fine foam particles into compact cold pressing blocks to form a green cycle.

Foam Comparator will Curb Marine Foam Pollution in the Future
The purpose of this year's campaign is to "shed light on the wonder of the ocean and how it is our life source, supporting humanity and every other organism on Earth". To achieve this goal, protecting the oceans and preventing foam pollution is necessary, it needs to be combined with the efforts of all mankind.

As foam flows into our oceans at an alarming rate, things will only get worse. In 2015, the Worldwatch Institute disclosed that 10 to 20 million tons of plastic enter our world oceans every year. This is equivalent to more than 75000 pounds of toxic water pollution per minute. However, it is believed that with the attention of more and more people to foam compactor, the solution to the problem of marine foam pollution can be expected.