The United States Realize EPS Foam Recyclable Thanks to the Assistance of EPS Foam Densifier

If you live in the United States, you may see EPS foam materials every time and everywhere, such as EPS foam lunch boxes, EPS foam packaging, etc. However, do you have a specific idea of how dependent Americans are on EPS foam? The real situation can be far beyond your imagination that America uses sufficient EPS to circle the world as many as 426 times every year. What an exaggerated consumption of resources!


Recently the Foam Recycling Coalition, Falls Church, Virginia, has awarded Collier County, Florida, with a $50,000 grant to encourage them to purchase an EPS foam densifier to recycle EPS foam, which is due to Americans have fully understood the necessity and importance of recycling. As is known to us, EPS foam is a kind of material that cannot be naturally degraded, and its treatment has unconsciously become a headache for Americans. The majority of them choose to landfill, which means not only environmental pollution, but also a waste of energy, due to EPS foam is 100% recyclable, even though it’s non-degradable.

EPS foam densifier is a recycling machine based on hot-melting technology and makes full use of the recyclability of EPS foam, which can turn EPS foam into hot-melting ingots for particle manufacturing after crushing, melting and forming. The increasing volumes and percentages of EPS foam recycling with EPS foam densifier are astonishing considering the fact that 95-98% of EPS foam is air, its compression ratio reaches 90:1. If you choose to recycle, EPS foam will be made into particles, and then it will be made into lines, frames, canvas paintings and other boutique items to be sold all over the world, otherwise, it will only do extreme harm to our environment because of landfill.

According to the latest EPS recycling report in the United States, more than 136.8 million pools of EPS foam have been recycled in the United States in 2019, which means not only environmental protection, but also energy conservation. The recyclability of EPS foam lets when you recycle a ton of EPS foam, it saves as much as 637 gallons of oil. As the old saying goes that ‘Many a little make a mickle,’ only by insisting on the recycling of EPS foam, can we make a good qualitative change to the environment, while EPS foam densifier will be a great assistant to you.