The solution of Styrofoam recycling has been welcomed in the world

The Internet takeaway platform can be said to be thrived in the past two years. The takeaway in the streets and alleys wearing uniforms has become a new sight in many cities. But with the more takeaway, more disposable tableware have been thrown away.

In the view of environmental protection organizations, the use of disposable foam tableware brought by the takeaway platform is not only a great waste, but also brings environmental risks. However, a platform operator said that from the current situation of ordering food, "consumers who choose to reject disposable tableware and lunch boxes are few and far between".

Although in the past two years, the rise of the domestic Internet takeout platform has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of the people, but in fact, the food restaurant is not a new thing in the world. The so-called disposable Styrofoam tableware causes "white pollution" which is also a commonplace. Can we environmentally friendly recycle takeout foam containers ? Can we realize the goal of Styrofoam recycling?

A kind of recycling machine GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier will be a good helper in the Styrofoam recycling industry. After recycling, the takeout waste can be turned into valuable products such as picture frames and clothes hangers.

Let’s look at the process of turning waste into treasure: the waste foam containers can be compacted and melted into densified ingots with the machine, and the compression ratio of machine is 90:1, that is to say, the densified ingots are 90 times smaller than before. In addition, the densified ingots can also be granulated into PS pellets and can be reused to make frames products or be sold.

The solution of Styrofoam recycling has been welcomed in the world. GREENMAX has helped more than 100 countries to recycle different plastic waste, if you want to know more about it, you are welcome to meet us.