The hot melt system and function of GREENMAX EPS densifier


If you are in the EPS recycling industry, do you know the advanced technology and function of an EPS densifier?

GREENMAX EPS densifier is professional, the hopper is semi-closed, which can prevent the foam dust from coming out during crushing. Usually, the hopper is not high and can be fed by hand, and it is easy for the user to clean the crusher tank.



The design of the crusher is also extremely important. There are two shaft breakers are used on the GREENMAX EPS densifier, one shaft welded with 9 blades and the other shaft welded with 10 blades. Each blade is staggered at a different Angle. This design allows the blade to hold the material and force it down into the barrel. Each shaft is driven by two gearboxes. There is also a screen at the bottom of the crushing tank for filtering materials. The blades are designed to crush EPS, XPS, EPP and PSP foam food trays. Most foam materials can be broken by the unit.



After the crushing process, the material will fall into the cylinder. There is a screw in the cylinder, and some models have 2, which is convenient to transfer the crushed EPS foam waste into the heater. Generally, there are more than two heaters at the back end of the screw, if one fails, the other can be operated instead, so that the heater can be used for a long time. We have a separate PLC electric cabinet, the user can easily touch the button, and there is an alarm warning light on the upper end of the electric cabinet. Once the machine has a problem, you can press the stop button urgently.



The melted foam waste is transported to the outlet through the screw. The basic foam compactor usually has a hydraulic plate, and the densifier is directly extruded. The foam waste after extrusion is generally in the form of a strip, and a tray can be placed at the discharge port to allow the hot melt EPS to form a square block.