The function of GREENMAX polystyrene foam densifier


Polystyrene is basically just inflatable plastic foam, the applications of polystyrene material is wide in the packaging industry. Polystyrene is highly recyclable and in great demand, so it can be effectively recycled and reused.


Post-consumer and post-industrial polystyrene recycling is one of the highest among all plastics. In the past 15 years, the global polystyrene industry has recycled an average of 19% post-consumer and 25% post-industrial polystyrene. In addition, pouring polystyrene into landfills is extremely detrimental to our environment because it does not biodegrade naturally.


GREENMAX can help you achieve sustainable polystyrene recycling with simple, safe and economical solutions. The foam densifier offered by GREENMAX is a revolutionary technology that converts a large number of lightweight polystyrene waste into small, transportable pieces, and the melted foam ingots can be sold or reused for new foam products production.


GREENMAX polystyrene densifier converts the waste polystyrene foam into a uniform melt through compression, heating and extruding process, and the melted foam blocks facilitate transportation and the next process. The final melt temperature and concentration must be uniform and the pressure must be high enough to compress the viscous polystyrene blocks.


The polystyrene compactor has a screw and barrel with a spiral cutter that performs all of the above processes. The discarded polystyrene foam is placed in a bucket at one end of the barrel through a hopper and then transferred to the other end of the barrel through a screw. In order to have sufficient pressure, the hopper example increases as the screw depth increases. The polystyrene foam softens and melts due to external heating of the friction screw.


The recycled polystyrene processed by GREENMAX equipment has high density and high quality, it can be sold at a good price. In addition, it also can be reused as the raw material for some production manufacturers.