The foam densifier perfectly matches the recycling needs of furniture manufacturers


As foam pollution has become a global problem, both the public sector and private companies have made progress in solving this problem. In the United States, a furniture manufacturer is using GREENMAX foam densifier to launch a foam recycling project to solve the problem of foam packaging waste.



Furniture manufacturers are different from other businesses. After ordinary businesses sell goods, the responsibility for handling foam packaging waste is transferred to customers. But in order to provide high-quality services, furniture manufacturers need to take away the foam packaging waste after installation. If a foam recycling machine is not introduced, the storage and transportation efficiency of foam packaging waste will be extremely low.

Foam densifier is a type of foam recycling machine, using crushing and hot-melt technology, with a compression ratio of 90:1. Manufactured by GREENMAX, a well-known recycling machine brand in California, GREENMAX will modify or customize the foam recycling machine style according to the specific requirements of the furniture manufacturers to improve recycling efficiency.



The reason why foam densifier is worth buying by home appliances is that in addition to greatly improving the recycling efficiency of foam packaging waste, it also provides terminal purchase services. Foam packaging waste is recycled by foam densifier, and then transformed into regenerated hard plastic that is as hard as a solid brick, also known as foam ingot. GREENMAX promises to repurchase the foam ingot produced by the machine customer to produce various exquisite photo frames and mirror frames.



Foam waste disposal is a social problem not only in the United States, but also in all parts of the world. Because it's about plastic pollution. The use of foam densifier by American furniture manufacturers to improve recycling efficiency and gain profits may be widely promoted in the future. This is what GREENMAX is doing.