The Diligent Pursue of GREENMAX Machine is Innovation

"Internet +" effect drives the green economy development and simmer drive innovation, how to make customers more choose our products, there are a lot of detailed work! Facing new market demand, help customers realize the value of new products, high level of technology development, market potential of new products is diligent pursue of GREENMAX machine.

EPS boxes

GREENMAX recycling machine designed and developed biaxial plastic foam melter styrofoam densifier as a multifunctional professional melting and recycling equipment independently, has been widely used in the recycling market, and favored and appreciated by customers.

melted eps

GREENMAX design of mechanical  foam melter styrofoam densifier is unique, used for melting EPS foam material. GREENMAX mechanical  foam melter styrofoam densifier uses pole roll structure; special Z-screen, effectively prevent the blocking material, uniform discharge; Siemens programming control system can automatically control the start, stop, reverse and overload functions, but also featured by medium-speed, high efficiency, low noise. EPS melter can also choose different knife roll and the appropriate screen size according to customer demand.

MARS-C50 melter

About GREENMAX machine:
1) Cost-effective: GREENMAX learnt advanced European equipment, the main components are imported from Germany, steel is the best material to use in China.

2) Brands, to participate in a variety of world-class exhibitions, such as the K show, IFAT and so on.

3) GREENMAX is supported by the entire INTCO with adequate funding chain, and government support.

4) The quality is recognized by world-class companies, such as PEPSI, COCA-COLA, L'Oreal .GREENMAX become their designated equipment supplier.

5) Fast delivery: the machine can be delivered after two weeks.

6) Before the shipment, engineers will be arranged 5-6 times to test machine, make sure to use the EPS recycling machine in good condition.

7) Professional after-sales team, sales and engineers with the face of the guests, the fastest problem-solving; there are professional engineers, ready to serve guests in America.

8) For different customers, different materials tailored professional models, it is perfect to solve different problems

9) There are various major industry success stories

10) Complete various certificates, such as CE, UL, air quality testing, noise detection