The demand for recycled polystyrene produced by GREENMAX polystyrene densifier is growing


At the "Made by Google" product launch in New York, Google, Google announced a $150 million investment in renewable energy products to support global sustainability. This is another sustainable move after Google announced in August 2022 that all Google-made products will contain recycled materials.


Not only Google, but several other global technology giants are also moving towards a sustainable development path. Since 2014, Dell has used 100 million pounds of recycled materials in its products, most of which are recycled polystyrene.


Regenerated polystyrene is currently attracting attention in recycled materials, which is related to the increasingly serious polystyrene pollution. The production of Recycled polystyrene is divided into two steps: collection and compression.


Collecting a large number of polystyrene trash is the first step. If low-cost polystyrene recycling is to be carried out, compression is an essential second step. Polystyrene has a 98% air content and therefore has a light weight and bulky character. Uncompressed polystyrene trash can cause a lot of expenses in storage and transportation.


Polystyrene densifier M-C200 was developed by GREENMAX to save recycling costs. Polystyrene densifier machine uses screw hot melt technology to melt polystyrene trash by screw rotation to squeeze out the air in polystyrene.


After being compressed, Polystyrene waste is changed physical form and becomes a polystyrene ingot similar to a solid brick. Polystyrene ingot is a hard polystyrene, also called recycled polystyrene. Can reduced storage and transportation costs when sold to the end market.


The global technology giants are concerned about the recycled materials, which means that the importance of recycling is being recognized by more people. The market potential of polystyrene recycling is also increasing, and the value of Recycled polystyrene is gradually increasing.