The biggest advantage of the GREENMAX recycling machine is that it has added value


GREENMAX is a recycling machine brand founded by INTCO Recycling, a veteran recycling company in California. In the past ten years of development, GREENMAX has never only focused on selling machines, but is committed to providing customers with complete EPS recycling solutions.


GREENMAX has developed three series of recycling machines, APOLO, MARS, and ZEUS. These three series have their own recycling methods for different types of recyclable plastics. GREENMAX will recommend the most suitable machine to the customer based on the local policy of the customer, the type of waste, and the use.


For example, Serbian fishermen's customers need to deal with a large number of discarded fish boxes made of EPS, and GREENMAX has recommended a suitable EPS EPS compactor APOLO-C200.


The EPS compactor machine uses screw compression technology to compress the expanded waste EPS fish boxes into the EPS block of the solid brick. This recycled EPS block is extremely convenient for storage and transportation. And it can be sold, which is the core of the GREENMAX EPS recycling project.


GREENMAX promises to machine customers that it will repurchase its recycled EPS block, which will ensure that customers can make profit by using EPS waste.


The biggest advantage of the GREENMAX recycling machine is that it is not just a machine, but a solution, a project.