The 2021 White Paper Released by GREENMAX Highlights the Eco-Friendly Recycling of EPS Foam Densifier

The 2021 White Paper on global burning and landfill policies has been released
Recently, GREENMAX, one of the famous recycling companies in North America, released the 2021 white paper, which shows in detail the interpretation of EPS foam landfill and burning policies of various countries through the accumulation of experience and a large number of data collection brought by engaging in EPS foam recycling business for many years. GREENMAX released this white paper to promote the further development of the recycling industry. In addition, it also lets the EPS foam densifier enter the vision of more recyclers.

Burning and landfill are not perfect EPS foam recovery methods
It can be seen from the great effort paid by GREENMAX in producing this white paper that burning and landfill are the most means of EPS foam recycling in the world.  However, as is known to us, burning has produced a large number of harmful gases and potential safety hazards. In many countries led by the United States, although burning is prohibited, it is relatively relaxed about landfills, but can landfill really completely recycle EPS foam?

The answer is contrary to the imagination of many new recyclers. As not a bio-grade material, it will not become harmless compounds after landfill, but leak into groundwater and surround the soil or flow to the ocean.  The St. Lawrence River Thousand Islands is suffering from this pollution, although the coastline looks picturesque and pristine from a distance. However, after careful observation, visitors will find that small white foam particles gather along the sand, and are entangled by plants, and then eaten by fish and other animals.

In more invisible places, the negative impact of EPS foam landfilling is making the ecological environment worse. As a clean and scientific recycling method, EPS foam densifier may deserve more recognition.

How is the 100% Recycling of EPS Foam Densifier Eco-friendly?
In fact, EPS foam densifier, as a recycling machine with hot melt as the core technology, was not designed in recent two years. It has a long history of innovation and transformation. Taking GREENMAX as an example, it has invested ten years of effort in this machine. It has not only designed many models of this recycling equipment but also developed green recycling closed loop based on EPS foam densifier.

EPS foam densifier, with a high compression ratio of 90:1, deeply comminutes EPS foam to conduct hot-melt treatment, forming the evolution of "foam waste - EPS foam fragments - hot-melt ingots". Then these EPS foam ingots will be used for granulation, and finally, become recycled materials to be made into frames and sold all over the world.

The road of EPS foam recycling cannot reach the end overnight. For many recyclers, there are still many places to make progress. The release of the 2021 white paper is just a part of the contribution made by GREENMAX to the recycling industry. In addition, GREENMAX will not only release many authoritative data but also continue to innovate on EPS foam recycling machines. We look forward to working with all recyclers to turn EPS foam into a valuable renewable resource.