Technology of EPS Foam Densifier to Get EPS Foam out of Landfills

Researchers say it takes 500 years for EPS foam to decompose. That means the shipping packaging, EPS fish boxes, and food containers after using can take up a lot of landfill space. Nancy Abrams, who drives across Greensboro once a week volunteers to pick up EPS foam from medical offices and florist. EPS foam, big and small, is unloaded and stored inside of the Tiny House Community Development warehouse. When you add up the EPS foam from other volunteers, the foam nearly touches the ceiling.


EPS foam, bulky in volume and light in weight, is widely applied in every corner of life. While individual households may not be able to easily recycle EPS foam waste, the recycling center that can collect a lot of EPS foam have more excellent options, such as a EPS foam densifier, rather than transport it to landfills.

EPS foam densifier is a kind of machine designed by using densification technology in practical application. Compared with dumping EPS foam into landfill, its advantages are quite obvious, which can be roughly listed in the following three aspects:


First and foremost, Cost is an unavoidable problem. What landfill needs is not only the management cost of the dump, but also the transportation cost of EPS foam on the way. EPS foam densifier, which is applying hot-melting technology, can not only save these costs, but also make extra profit by selling the densified EPS foam.

Apart from this, EPS foam has a lot of links in the process from transportation to landfill, which is actually a complicated process, involving a lot of different personnel and operations. But the technology of EPS foam densifier processing EPS foam is very simple, only a few steps of feeding, crushing, hot melting can be automatically recycled by the machine.


Last but not least, From the perspective of environmental protection, landfill is not worth advocating. It is above-mentioned that EPS foam is a material that cannot be degraded for hundreds of years and will cause pollution to the land. EPS foam densifier can achieve a win-win situation for the treatment of EPS foam and environmental protection. It not only compresses EPS foam into 1 / 90 of the original, but also forms a kind of ingots that can make plastic particles.

EPS foam is not rubbish but a misplaced resource. There is no doubt that the technology of EPS foam densifier can take EPS foam out of landfills and turn it into something useful. With the power of all people with environmental awareness, EPS foam recycling will have a bright future.