Take Foam Densifier as an Example: What Does Foam Recycling Bring to American Framing Industry?

Picture Frame - a Daily Necessity for Americans
As a common object, the picture frame is often used to decorate people's home environment. It is usually hung on the wall to make the whole house more warm and beautiful. For people in many countries, it is a durable product. For example, in China, a picture frame may be left on the wall for decades and will not be replaced. 

However, in the United States, picture frames are a kind of consumable. With the arrival of different festivals and anniversaries, people will replace the corresponding picture frames and eliminate the previous ones to increase the happy atmosphere of special days. It can even be said that for Americans, the picture frame is like a towel, which is indispensable in daily life.

The Raw Material of Frame: Where is the Strength of Plastic Particles over Wood?
When you see various picture frames in a shopping mall and guess their raw materials, you will automatically think that they are all made of wood. But the result is not so, in fact, a large part of the frames is made of plastic particles, and it has become a trend. Because plastic particles have significant advantages over wood. 

First of all, it can help reduce the felling of trees, which is conducive to ecological protection. Secondly, plastic particles are not as damp or moth-eaten as wood, so they are more durable. Finally, the popularity of plastic particle picture frames is conducive to the recycling of foam´╝îwhich is the raw material of plastic particles.

Just as people can't imagine that plastic particles can be made into frames, in the established thinking, many people think that foam can't be recycled by means other than landfill and incineration. But now the latest science and technology has made foam densifier come into being, which can completely recycle foam waste and help the production of granulating raw materials.

Foam Densifier Gives the Frame Industry More Raw Material
Foam densifier is a kind of foam recycling machine based on hot melt technology, which is very different from the traditional recycling methods. It is a means with zero emission and zero pollution to compact the foam waste into compact hot-melt ingots, and then these foam ingots will go through a series of granulation processes to become plastic particles, and then be used to make frames.

For the framing industry, the application of foam densifier is undoubtedly a win-win process. It can recycle foam in a green way and provide raw materials for its own business. On the one hand, it has won the good reputation of green development for enterprises, on the other hand, it has also promoted the production of frames. It can be predicted that foam densifier will make more development for the farming industry in the future,

Nowadays, INTCO Recycling, a famous recycling company in North America, has successfully connected foam densifier and frame manufacturing into an industrial chain. As the representative of foam recycling machines, GREENMAX, their machine brand, has been sold to many countries and has been highly praised. From selling machines, buying recycled foam, granulating, and framing, the complete recycling industry chain of INTCO is booming in the industry.