Styrofoam waste used to make fake snow scenes will not affect the environment because of using GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier


White Styrofoam in the shape of dust is often used to make fake snow scenes. For example, at the end of the classic movie The Shining, 900 tons of salt and crushed foam were used to build the scenery of a snow maze.


Some environmentalists have expressed concern about this, which seems to be putting pressure on the environment. In fact, it is not the Styrofoam material that causes pressure on the environment, but the way to deal with Styrofoam waste.


GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier M-C200 can perfectly recycle white Styrofoam in the shape of dust. A converter in the USA chose GREENMAX to recycle the Styrofoam waste generated by cutting.


The maximum production capacity of a Styrofoam densifier M-C200 can reach 200kg / h. The machine contains the screw. The screw hot-melt technology is used to squeeze out the air in the Styrofoam. Produces high compression ratio recycled Styrofoam ingot, no longer an expanded Styrofoam, but a recycled plastic similar to a solid brick.


Styrofoam ingot is not only convenient for storage and transportation. The main reason for converter to choose GREENMAX is that GREENMAX promised it that it would repurchase Styrofoam ingot for the production of beautiful photo frames. Converter can of course also be sold to other end markets, knowing that Styrofoam ingot can be sold as a raw material.


Obviously, improper disposal methods such as incineration and landfill will cause long-term environmental pollution to Styrofoam. But using Styrofoam densifier for recycling, can rest assured in the Christmas imitation realistic snow, enjoy your holiday.