Styrofoam Waste Recycling Process

Due to the large volume of EPS foam waste, high transportation costs, so that it is very difficult for the plastic recycling business to recycle and collect waste PS foam.

One of the largest EPS recycling companies, INTCO company developed GreenMax Styrofoam recycling machine such as EPS densifier and cold compactor, and provided a better solution to waste polystyrene recycling and solved transport difficult problems, after compressing waste EPS foam, the volume of EPS is reduced to 1/40 of the original, greatly reducing transport costs in the recycling process. Promotion and use of GREENMAX machine, greatly reduces the cost of transportation of waste polystyrene foam, makes it possible for EPS recycler to large-scale recycling.

EPS foam pieces

Sorting is necessary in waste plastics recycling and it is an important part of sorting which determines the performance of recycled plastic. Removing gross impurities and reducing the impact of different plastics mixing and granulating of recycled material properties in sorting process, different grades of waste plastics are classified to hold the physical and chemical properties of recycled plastic at maximum extent. For example, clean appliances and packaging materials should be separated from more oil disposable lunch boxes recycled materials.

Crushing, washing
The large foam after sorting, GREENMAX polystyrene recycling machine crushed the foam into small piece, is fed to an extruder for production. First, throw the waste foam into the feed, then crush them into small pieces, and then transported to cleaning sink. Some clean home appliances packaging materials can be crushed and washed without direct extrusion.

Drying, degassing
The washed foam debris were dewatered into the cyclone, then the foam pieces can be carried out directly into the extruder melt granulation after dehydration, but due to the small density of debris, and a large quantity of water together, directly enter into the extruder granulating machine will result in lower yield and higher product porosity.

Extrusion, granulation
The main process of extrusion granulation are as follows: the foam debris sequentially through the extruder feed section, the compression section, metering section to filter. Extrusion granulation process is a key step in waste PS foam recycling process.

eps blocks

Waste PS foam recycling Prospect
With the progress of EPS recycling technology and efforts of recycling, INTCO group was awarded the "China Plastics recycling of R & D base," and marks the EPS recycling industry has entered into high-tech standard, intensive recycling has taken a new step. With the gradual depletion of the earth's resources and people's awareness of environmental protection, non-renewable resource recycling has become a trend, EPS recycling levels will be further strengthened.