Styrofoam Recycling Need to Be Realized With the Spread of COVID-19 Vaccine Packaging

With the spread of COVID-19 in the world, the importance of Styrofoam recycling has risen to an unexpected height. It may be the general trend to use Styrofoam densifier to recycle this material. Read here, you may wonder if there is any necessary connection between the new coronavirus and Styrofoam recycling?


The answer is yes. Nowadays, in the United States, coronavirus cases have accumulated to 18267579, with 324869 deaths, which is still growing rapidly. But the good news in this dilemma is traveling the same transportation network as the Christmas present, a COVID-19 vaccine is finally on its way to people across America. However, the vaccine can only be delivered during incredibly cold temperatures, posing many packaging challenges. Therefore, experts maintain that Styrofoam is an excellent choice that is durable, efficient, and able to maintain a –70° C temperature throughout its journey.

However, at the same time of emergency use authorization for the COVID-19 vaccine, many states in the USA are promoting the prohibition of Styrofoam packaging. Many radical people only saw the pollution of the environment by Styrofoam while ignored its convenience, thus forcing the government to issue a ban to restrict its use. Actually, Styrofoam is a 100% fully recyclable material. Previously, The Foam Recycling Coalition has awarded collier county with a $50000 grant to help them purchase a Styrofoam densifier to recycle this material.


Styrofoam densifier is a recycling machine based on hot-melting technology. It is equipped with a crushing and hot-melting system. After the treatment of Styrofoam densifier, the Waste Styrofoam will become hot-melting ingots that can produce plastic particles instead of white pollution that is harmful to the environment. These plastic particles will eventually become fine lines, photo frames, and canvas paintings, which are quite different from the garbage people imagine.


Is it essential to reuse, collect, and recycle more Styrofoam? Undoubtedly. No side will disagree on that. The widespread use of Styrofoam densifier is a signal to many people that Styrofoam is a convenient material rather than a harmful substance. Captain Houston Mills, the pilot who delivered the COVID-19 vaccine, said, “Every package is a person we always say, and in this instance, the lifesaving vaccine can make a difference in someone’s life.” Similarly, Styrofoam can make a difference in the protection of vaccines.