Styrofoam recycling is worthy of becoming your new recycling business


As a recyclable material, the global recycling rate for Styrofoam is actually very low, even less than 30%. Only a few countries, such as Japan, have made significant achievements in Styrofoam recycling.


Through in-depth investigation, we found that many recyclers and end users do not even know that this material can be recycled. For example, in Trinidad and Tobago, a recycler who recycles various wastes, such as PET bottles, has no idea that Styrofoam materials can be recycled.


The recycler in Trinidad and Tobago has a recycling company that recycles all kinds of waste plastic and has its own warehouses. Their recycled waste is sold at home and abroad. Many local recyclers like them were not previously associated with the Styrofoam recycling program, and there was a gap in the Styrofoam recycling market, which was a good opportunity for them to open up a new market.


GREENMAX brought them the concept of Styrofoam recycling, and was honored to participate in their recycling project. After several months of joint efforts, GREENMAX helped them expand the channels of Styrofoam waste sources, and recommended them the most professional machines. Finally, they chose GREENMAX M-C200 Styrofoam densifier as the first step to recycle Styrofoam packaging and foam coffee cups.


GREENMAX foam densifier can help them reduce the foam volume and save storage and transportation cost. In addition, our machines can be specially designed, such as adding conveyor belts. The conveyor belt can help the worker control the feed rate, which will help to obtain high quality melted foam ingots.


If you are in the recycling industry, please consider the value of recycling Styrofoam waste, Styrofoam recycling will become your new recycling project.