Styrofoam Densifier Dispose of Styrofoam Efficiently for Furniture Manufacturers in the United States


As is known to us, Styrofoam is often used as the packaging of furniture due to its anti-seismic and anti-falling. With the outbreak of covid-19, people spend more time at home, leading to a surge in demand for furniture products, which also led to a surge in Styrofoam packaging. Are these Styrofoam well handled?


According to the latest Styrofoam recycling data report of the United States, the United States recovered more than 136 million pounds of Styrofoam in 2019, which has 23 million pounds more than that in 2018. The explosive growth of Styrofoam recycling data is inseparable from the continuous development of Styrofoam densifier. GREENMAX, a well-known recycling company in North America, is a trusted partner for Styrofoam packaging recycling in the hearts of many furniture manufacturers.


Living Space, the biggest furniture manufacturer in United States West Coast, has 18 locations, so there is a lot of waste foam packaging that make Living Space suffers from a shortage of storage space. In 2016, Living Space tried to struggle with packaging by recycling and chose to cooperate with GREENMAX. It purchased a Styrofoam densifier Mars-C300 from GREENMAX, which doesn't take up space and can make Styrofoam packaging 1 / 90 of its original size by hot-melt technology, to saves huge storage space and successfully cure the headache of Living Space. In addition, the hot-melt ingots formed after the treatment of Styrofoam densifier can also be sold to recyclers at a high price or bought back by GREENMAX.


Why is GREENMAX favored by so many furniture manufacturers like Living Space? The reason is that GREENMAX is different from other recycling companies that only sell recycling machines to you, GREENMAX provides a complete recycling project for all customers, which is a closed loop. Once you purchase Styrofoam densifier from GREENMAX to process Styrofoam packaging, the final hot-melt ingots can not only be sold to recyclers, but also be repurchased by GREENMAX at a high price. GREENMAX is responsible for the entire recycling process of furniture manufacturers, which is taken into account at each node.