Styrofoam Densifier Builds a Bridge Between Appliance Packaging Recycling and Granulation in Texas

Recently, Waco Friends of the Climate will hold an event, aim at Styrofoam recycling in Texas. 
Time: From 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. this Saturday.
Location: Cobbs Recycling Center, 2021 N. 44th St.
Cups, food containers, and larger molded pieces and blocks are accepted. The service is free. Local people can send clean Styrofoam cups, food containers, and larger Styrofoam packaging to the recycling center. It is worth mentioning that this service is free.

Now in the United States, several states have held Styrofoam recycling events to accept Styrofoam hoarded by local residents, including Styrofoam appliance packaging attached to a large number of the express. Why are there special collection events? This is mainly because it is difficult to recycle Styrofoam without the Styrofoam densifier.

A Styrofoam densifier is a machine that can make Styrofoam recycling simple. The replacement of household appliances is always very rapid. As the first choice of appliance packaging, Styrofoam is not only a plastic that cannot be degraded in its natural state but also generally, the garbage cans on the roadside do not accept this material. Therefore, for ordinary residents, Styrofoam packaging recycling has always been very difficult. Styrofoam densifier builds a bridge for recycling, the other end of which is not landfill, but granulation

Styrofoam densifier thoroughly handles the appliance packaging in simple steps. After the Styrofoam package was thrown into the hopper, the crushing system of the equipment began to enter high-speed operation and cut the larger package into pieces. Then, the screw is heated to melt the Styrofoam. Finally, Styrofoam ingots are formed by cooling, and the volume is only 1 / 90 of the original.

The biggest difference between Styrofoam ingots and Styrofoam packaging discarded in landfills is that it has changed from waste material to a newly available resource. As a popular new material in the recycling market, plastic particles can be processed by Styrofoam ingots. At present, many finished products such as mirror frames, photo frames, and skirting lines on the market can be made of plastic particles. Compared with wooden frames, they not only have a longer service life but also prevent moisture and moths.

With the increasing concept of recycling and ecological environmental protection, Styrofoam recycling development will have a beneficial development for home appliance packaging. Actively promote the virtuous cycle between Styrofoam recovery and granulation, which will have a far-reaching impact on the ecological environment.