Styrofoam compactor recycles foam into photo frames


Perhaps you can hardly imagine that the soft Styrofoam can become a hard "wooden" photo frame, but this is a fact, it really can, after being compressed by the Styrofoam compactor.

Not just photo frames, but also stationery, hangers, park benches, baseboards and other items. Styrofoam trash can be turned into these, because Styrofoam compactor is an important part of Styrofoam recycling. When you know that Styrofoam can be reuse after recycling, will you treat it as an abandoned resource?



Styrofoam contains 98% of the air, so if you want to recycle it into a photo frame, this is the most problem to be solved. Styrofoam compactor is the recycling equipment developed by GREENMAX in order to solve this problem, mainly using the combination of crushing and hydraulic pressure.

After the Styrofoam trash was put into the machine hopper, it was chopped into foam dust by the rotary cutter during the natural fall, and then fell into the cold-pressed screw part, and foam dust is pushed under the hydraulic plate through the screw, finally the volume ratio of Styrofoam block and Styrofoam trash that are extruded is 50:1.



After becoming a Styrofoam block, it can be sold to the end market, and GREENMAX is also using purchase back Styrofoam blocks for making photo frames. GREENMAX has more than ten years of rich experience in Styrofoam recycling, and attaches recycling experience to Styrofoam compactor. From how to recycle to sell recycled Styrofoam, GREENMAX sells to customers a complete set of recycling solutions.



In 1991, Germany began to demand that home appliance company take responsibility for its own Styrofoam packaging trash. In the current situation where Styrofoam pollution is becoming more and more serious, it is becoming popular to dispose of Styrofoam trash on its own. It is also an option to recycle Styrofoam waste into photo frames using Styrofoam compactor.