Stop Pollution of Plastic Products

"We only have one earth!" The survival of humanity can not leave the environment. Let's use more multi-purpose bags, use less plastic packaging, recycle styrofoam to maintain the clean of our earth, stop pollution of plastic products.


1, One-time food trays recycling.
Because PSP food trays are biodegradable, but many environmental experts believe that using paper instead of foam plastic food trays cutlery is also unwise. First, the paper trays will also bring visual pollution, because its degradation speed is not fast, often not completely degrade in ten days or months. Secondly, foam plastics recycling, if comprehensively promoted, will reduce the amount of wood consumption, reduce deforestation. It is noteworthy that, Chinese forest coverage rate is only 13.92%, per capita forest area is equivalent to 17.2% of the world's average, ranking 112 world. Third, if throwing waste foam plastic food trays, will be a substantial pollution of water resources.

2, Waste plastics recycling.
This is the fundamental way to solve the problem. In fact, compared to other materials, plastic box, it has a significant advantage: plastic can easily be recycled repeatedly. After classification, cleaning, heating, EPS melting, waste Styrofoam can again be processed as new products such as photo frames. Looking from the composition of the material, the main element of polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride is hydrocarbon. Therefore, through scientific research, the waste EPS foam can be recycled as PS pellets with GREENMAX recycling machine, it is convenient to transport and store.


3, Use biodegradable "green plastic" product
China has developed advanced production biodegradable "green plastic" technology. With "green plastic" made packaging, food bags, snack and other products, because the starch-containing plastics, biodegradable resin composition, discarded after use, in nature, by the action of bacteria and light, it can be broken within three months to a year, it will not have a significant threat to the environment.
Use "green plastic" made from garbage bags is most conducive to environmental protection, it is learned, "green plastic" and ordinary plastic products is almost the same price. But because the people can not understand its environmental value, the domestic market is still very small. Taking care of the environmental protection, let us pay attention to the choice of the consumer life with "green plastic" products, especially GREENMAX Styrofoam recycling machine.