Similarities and differences between different series of GREENMAX EPS recycling machine


As a EPS recycling specialist, GREENMAX has developed a professional EPS recycling machine for more than ten years. Currently, it has three series of recycling machines, which are classified according to the machine recycling method. The most widely sold GREENMAX machines are Apolo and Mars machines.


Both series are EPS recycling machines. The similarities and differences between EPS compactor and EPS densifier need to be known to customers so that they can make better choices:


1.EPS Recycling method


GREENMAX originally developed the Apolo machine, which uses screw cold pressing technology, also known as EPS compactor. After the EPS waste is put into the hopper of the machine, it is first pulverized into foam by the cutter part, and then the air contained in the EPS waste is compressed by the screw compression. The compression ratio of the EPS waste is up to 50:1, and finally the regeneration is produced EPS block.


On the basis of the Apolo series of machines, GREENMAX continues to develop the Mars series of machines, also known as EPS densifier. The biggest difference is that the EPS densifier uses the screw hot melt technology.


2.Produced recycled EPS


The Apollo series of EPS compactor produce recycled EPS blocks that are generally strip-shaped, while the recycled EPS ingots produced by the Mars machine EPS densifier are generally in the form of blocks.


3.Conversion profit


In the way of converting EPS waste into profit, whether it is EPS compactor or EPS densifier, it is the same way. You can choose to cooperate with GREENMAX. GREENMAX not only sells machines, but also repurchases EPS at a reasonable price. Of course, you can also choose to find end market buyers by yourself. Because the recycled EPS of the machine is completely sold as a commodity.


GREENMAX has three series of professional EPS recycling machines, each with different capacity machines. No matter what type of customers, we can always find a recycling machine that suits our situation.