Fengxian District High Performance Incubation Special Training in 2016

On April 7, 2016, Fengxian District,Shanghai Market Supervisory Authority organized "excellent performance management model" training in Shanghai INTCO Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd., the training invite Mr. Zhang Shouzhen, Shandong University Professor, talked about "risk management" and "brand management".

Shanghai INTCO

Shanghai INTCO Techtronic Industries Co. Ltd. as "excellent performance management model" incubating company to undertake this training in 2016. The Director of District Market Supervisory Authority Xiedongmin and more than 10 well-known companies in Fengxian district, such as "Fillinger," "as new", "Abbott" participated in the training.

Incubation Training

During the training, LiGuo, the production director of Shanghai INTCO Industrial Co., Ltd. led everyone to visit the company's production site and showroom, and shared the company's brand and product cycle economic model and promote, they feels amazing about waste plastics can be processed into such a beautiful wall decorative materials marvel.


Xiedongmin made a high evaluation for 5s and training in production factory and workshop of Shanghai INTCO, etc.

picture frames

EPS material can be turned into picture frames and decorative moldings or mirror frames after processing. So the compacted styrofoam have much more values and will bring the manufacturer more benefits with GREENMAX styrofoam recycling machine. Also, the recycled polystyrene can be made into pellets after processing.

production factory