Seeing Waste Plastics From the United Nations Environment Assembly

The second session of the UN Environment Assembly is held in Nairobi, Kenya. As conference organizers, UNEP is committed to hold a "green conference" - not just "green topics" through the General Assembly, in the details of meetings and events, the green elements are everywhere.

The art products that was arranged in the lawn grass and exhibition gallery are particularly eye-catching: octopus dances in green grass, the albatross stretched wings, the humpback whales trapped in the nets and struggles in the "wave of anger" ...... these art materials are from waste rubber slippers and recycled plastic bottles.

It is understood that in East Africa, scrap rubber slipper is the second largest pollution source of the marine environment, and has large recycling difficulties. The marine litter also posed a great safety threat to marine life. The creation company of these art works, Kenyan environmental creative company, hopes that through this design and display, disseminate environmental philosophy.

The dining area from the main hall to the media center, plastic bottles almost "extinct", the use of bottled water are handsome in appearance, environment-friendly glass bottles, they convey a clear attitude of the General Assembly for plastic products.

UNEP data show that in 2010, about 8 million tons of plastic products were threw into the ocean around the world. The staff introduced that, in addition to glass, the environment conference also encouraged the participants to bring their own cups, reducing the generation of plastic waste from the source.
In the corner of the hall, many visitors enjoyed the photos that environmental advocates who wearing a "mask Art". These "art mask" or colorful or strange shapes are produced from recycled waste materials. French "art change 21" association put forward this environmental initiative, they wants to appeal to public concern air pollution, and to start from their own, to make a positive change to improve the environment.

In addition, before the current Conference on the Environment in Nairobi, a football field also launched a new energy lighting project; on sustainable energy development exhibition, solar bus of East African countries Uganda received much attention.

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