Recycling waste with a recycling machine can create valuable products


The U.N. Environment Assembly (UNEA) opened in Nairobi, Kenya for three days. Over 100 countries attended the conference. The pollution of plastic products to the sea has become one of the main topics of this conference and the goal is to restore a healthy ocean. It is estimated that about 8 million tons of plastic waste enter the ocean every year, and they can all circle around the earth 420 times. Over 50 species of fish are found to be eating plastic waste.


U.N. Environment Executive Director and Under-Secretary-General of the United Nations, Erik Solheim, told CBS News that he is hoping that the Nairobi summit will be a turning point, "We're facing an ocean Armageddon: Every year, we're dumping at least 8 million tons of plastics into our oceans."

Solheim said, "At the current rate, we'll end up with more plastic in the oceans than fish by the middle of the century, and ultimately that comes back to our own food chain."

In fact, in the face of marine plastic pollution, not only fish, but all the marine life is hard to escape. Such a bad fruit will eventually come to human beings.


As we know the plastic waste will become debris when exposed to the weather, less than 5 mm in diameter of the plastic waste is called "plastic debris". These plastic particles, after being taken in by marine organisms, will jeopardize the entire marine ecosystem, which may pose a threat to the safety of human food.

But, because the ocean pollution is affecting so many countries, and has some available solutions, it is getting the most attention.

Plastic wastes to be recycled will include plastic bags, used jelly, soft drink and Styrofoam containers, among others. To recycle plastic waste is not difficult if we could find the right way. GREENMAX from America is a specialist in plastic recycling, which can provide all kinds of plastic recycling machines such as Styrofoam compactor, beverage dewatering machine and polystyrene recycling machine. If we want to recycle Styrofoam containers, we could use this kind of Styrofoam compactor. The waste Styrofoam container can be compressed into EPS blocks by the compacting system of the machine. Then, it can be reused to make other useful products such as picture frames.

You see, recycling waste can create valuable products, yes, Styrofoam is just a little part of plastic recycling, if we recycle all the plastic waste , i think its value will be incalculable. So let’s get recycling now.