Recycling polystyrene foam with polystyrene compactor and shredder


With the increasing applications of plastic foam in all fields of production and daily life. Polystyrene foam(EPS), one of the four general plastics, has an increasing production and consumption trend year by year, and the demand for polystyrene compactor and polystyrene shredder are also expanding.



Polystyrene material is recyclable. In fact, polystyrene recycling has been going on for a long time in some countries and has never stopped. But there has been little improvement in polystyrene recycling rate over these years, which is now the biggest concern for this industry.

There are more than 200 polystyrene drops in the United States. In 2013, 58 million kilograms of EPS were recycled, valued at about 127 million pounds. About 57% of this waste comes from post-consumer packaging and 43% from industrial post-packaging. In the past few years, the number of polystyrene entering the recycling industry has continued to increase.



There is no doubt that the increase in the recovery rate of polystyrene is due to the professional foam recycling equipment, especially the polystyrene compactor and polystyrene shredder.

The polystyrene shredder is mainly used in foam manufacturing factory, and the crushed foam waste can be directly reused in the production process of new foam products.

Innovative polystyrene compactor offers the best processing capability for a wide variety of plastic foams, such as EPS, XPS insulation board, EPP and PSP food containers. The machine can be also equipped with a separate polystyrene shredder, conveyor belt and silo to increase productivity. It recycles polystyrene and reduces resource waste, while curbing environmental risk factors.



Advanced GREENMAX polystyrene compactor enables your business to generate revenue from foam waste and avoid landfill, thus avoiding environmental pollution.

It is the truth polystyrene recycling is good not only for the environment but also for the economy. Therefore, the best way to prevent foam waste from being burned or burned is to install a polystyrene recycling machine in your factory. This small step benefits the ecosystem and creates more jobs in the recycling industry.