Recycling of EPS Foam Should Be Paid More Attention Under the Boom of the Ban

A new year has begun. Unconsciously, we have entered the third decade of this century. In the past year, many states in the United States have issued EPS foam bans, such as New Jersey and New York. In fact, 136.8 million pounds of EPS foam have been recovered in the United States in 2019, but it didn't affect the promulgation of the ban. But is banning really better than recycling?


In fact, the substitutes of EPS foam on the market are either inappropriate or expensive. Although the United States has invested more than 6 billion dollars in the research of biodegradable materials that can replace EPS foam, it will take a long time to put them into wide use. In contrast, with the design of many kinds of recycling machines, EPS foam recycling technology has been quite mature. With EPS foam densifier as the representative, as a recycling machine based on the principle of hot melt technology, it has received many customers' welcome through its high recovery efficiency.


For enterprises, interests always come first. Some people may maintain that although the alternatives to EPS foam are very expensive, the waste management cost of EPS foam itself is not cheap. Actually, as a recycling method, EPS foam densifier can avoid paying the landfill cost, thus saving the cost for enterprises.

Take J.B. Hunt Transport Services Inc. for example, due to establishing cooperative relationships with many appliance companies, they produce a lot of EPS foam waste. Their disposal of EPS foam is only to drop the foam into the trash and take it to a landfill. which makes them pay a large amount of landfill cost. Because of the reputation of GREENMAX in the recycling industry, J.B. Hunt finally chose GREENMAX EPS foam densifier M-C200. After a period of use, EPS foam densifier has had a great positive impact on J.B. hunt. the most essential point is the hot-melting ingots formed by EPS foam densifier can be sold to GREENMAX and avoid landfilling, which can save cost and protect the environment meanwhile.


With the coming of another decade, people's recycling ideas should also enter a new era. EPS foam, a kind of 100% totally recycled material, should be treated reasonably. It is clear that the method of recycling can make it reborn and become a new kind of usable material. Why should we choose a radical ban?