Recycling foam containers helps control environmental pollution by reducing waste dumps

Online ordering allows people to live more conveniently, but also brings a large number of takeaway trash, such as polystyrene foam containers, plastic bags and so on.

The latest statistics show that the daily ordering quantity of each network ordering platform needs 40 million lunch boxes and 1.46 billion polystyrene foam containers a year. What's more, the number of this kind of garbage is increasing rapidly along with the popularity of the online ordering industry, which brings great pressure to the environment.

Some people call for the prohibition of the use of takeout foam containers to protect the environment. But this is not the solution, nor is it realistic.

It is also believed that businesses should reduce the use of disposable foam containers and turn to the use of environmental friendly lunch boxes that can be recycled.

However the reality is that even a recyclable takeout lunch box is mostly used once and then thrown into the trash can. It can be seen that the crux of the problem is on "recycling".

The existing recycling system is not perfect in China, most of the recycled plastics can only be burned or buried.

But unfortunately, a lot of plastic lunch boxes are very difficult to sort out with domestic waste, so it can easily produce air pollution and the landfill is usually overloaded.

It is very important to recycle takeout foam containers for the environment. The recycling machine has been welcomed in the recycling fields. If you want to recycle takeout foam containers or Styrofoam coffee cups, you can use GREENMAX polystyrene compactor.

The machine can reduce the volume of waste foam with a compression ratio of 50:1. The foam can easily be compressed into EPS blocks by the compacting system of the machine. The EPS blocks can be turned into items like picture framing or clothing hangers.

Recycling foam containers helps control environmental pollution by reducing waste dumps. Furthermore, Recycling waste can also create economic benefits and save resources. If interested, you are welcome to leave your comments.