Recycling Creates Development Opportunities for Restaurants After 'Great Polystyrene Compromise of 2021'

2020 is bound to be a headache for restaurant owners, due to the COVID-19 is widespread, the profits of innumerable restaurants have been greatly reduced and even closed down. Restaurant owners are already in crisis. The ban on polystyrene in the states of the United States makes the situation even worse— you know, polystyrene has always been the first choice for lunchboxes because of its low price, lightweight and heat preservation. Once it is banned, the increased cost will increase the pressure on restaurant owners.


In 2021, all this will take a turn, Carr’s polystyrene ban had successfully passed the House but was facing opposition in the Senate, where legislators worried it would further burden restaurant owners already struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic, which is called ‘Great Polystyrene Compromise of 2021.’ How can the restaurant owners survive the crisis of declining performance and create new opportunities? The answer is given by the developing recycling industry. It may be a good way to recycle the polystyrene meal box with the application of a polystyrene foam compactor with advanced technology.


Polystyrene foam compactor brings hope to restaurant owners, it can help them smooth through this tough year. The benefits of this method lie in two aspects.

1.Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Why are polystyrene lunch boxes constantly banned by States? The root cause is that there is no scientific plan to recycle. Polystyrene foam compactor, through cold pressing technology, can compact polystyrene lunch boxes into compressed blocks with a compression ratio of 1:50. This is a thorough recycling method, which will not cause secondary pollution, but also enable the sustainable development of polystyrene foam without being left in the landfill for hundreds of years.


2.A New Channel for Profit

As mentioned above, the catering industry has entered a cold winter in the past two years, and its performance is not as good as before. The polystyrene foam compactor can turn waste polystyrene into cold-pressing blocks. In fact, this cold-pressing blocks, as raw materials for manufacturing plastic particles, enter the market to recycle the welcome of some manufacturers. And restaurant owners choose to recycle these polystyrene boxes, which will undoubtedly create a new revenue channel for them to make up for this part of the revenue deficit.

Taking the above-mentioned into consideration, the Polystyrene foam compactor will undoubtedly create new development opportunities for restaurant owners after the "Great Polystyrene Competition of 2021".