Recycled polystyrene require GREENMAX recycling machines instead of being banned


The European Parliament voted to ban single-use polystyrene, paving the way for the ban on the use of single-use polystyrene in all EU member states in 2021, and this would be the toughest ban on polystyrene in the history of the European Union. After seeing news that too many marine creatures are harmed by polystyrene, the news is obviously very gratifying.


However, many people have also raised questions about why only single-use polystyrene such as polystyrene straws, polystyrene cups are banned in the bill. The most common polystyrene waste-polystyrene bottles, will only take measures to reduce the use. Other polystyrene products have no regulations.


In fact, EPS is almost 100% recyclable, but different polystyrene products have different recycling difficulties. Polystyrene straws, polystyrene cups, etc., are prohibited because they are “difficult to recycle” items. For other polystyrene products such as fish boxes and insulation boards, only one polystyrene recycling machine is required.


The most widely used equipment in the polystyrene recycling industry is the GREENMAX polystyrene compactor, an innovative fully automatic functional design. Its working principle is screw compaction.


When the machine is in use, the operator simply places the loose foam block in the hopper. The compactor has a crushing and screw extrusion function that turns the polystyrene wastes into a compact mass. Controlled by the Siemens system, the compaction ratio is 50:1. Machines with different capacities range from 100kg / h to 300kg / h, and customers can choose according to their own requirements.


The recycled polystyrene can be a new product in production and has a second life. This is why we don't need to reject all polystyrene products. Of course, even renewable polystyrene do not enter the recycling system, and discarded will still pollute the environment, so GREENMAX always appeals to people to pay attention to polystyrene recycling.