Recycled Plastic Granulation Development Prospects Are Promising

NDRC invested of 20 billion yuan subsidies for environmental protection industry, investment areas include water, solid waste, heavy metal pollution, hazardous waste, environmental monitoring equipment and other aspects every year. According to related statistics, the national environmental protection investment demand will reach 3.4 trillion yuan, industrial output value will reach 2.2 trillion yuan, industry compound annual growth rate is between 15% -20%.

Recycled plastics industry as a branch of environmental protection, which has greater responsibilities and existence meaning. In recent years, plastic waste processing and recycling was increasingly valued by all countries in the world, policy support is favorable guarantee of recycled plastic granulator development. In addition, advantages of recycled plastic granulator made it can also continue to develop.

From the point of consumers, businesses, and other policies, the demand for recycled plastics are growing, the market component foam granulator is heavier, comprehensive development is expected to achieve major breakthrough in the near future.

Waste plastic recycling granulator processed plastic raw materials business required, the price of waste plastics recycling is cheaper than rising prices of plastic raw materials, with the strong support of the state, regeneration plastic granulator new updated constantly being optimized to achieve the regenerated plastic raw material pellets is plump, firm, and smooth.On the other hand, the recycled EPS can be made into pellets after processing. In a word, recycled EPS such as compacted EPS and densified EPS can be made into so much useful products and save much more raw materials.

Plastic granulator is an extruder system, which consists of extrusion system, transmission system and heating and cooling system.

1. Squeeze system: extrusion system includes a screw, barrel, hopper, nose, and mold.
(1) Screw: is the most important part of the extruder, it is directly related to the scope and efficiency of the extruder, from high-strength corrosion-resistant alloy steel.
(2) Barrel: a seamless metal tube, usually with heat-resistant, high compressive strength, extremely resistant, corrosion-resistant alloy steel or alloy steel lined composite steel pipe. Barrel and screw together to achieve plastic crushing, softening, melting, plasticizing, exhaust and compact, continuous and uniform delivery system to the molding compound. Its length is generally barrel diameter of 18: 1, so that the plastic is fully heated and fully plasticized principle.
(3) Hopper: cut off the bottom of the hopper is equipped with means to adjust the stream on and off, depending on the side of the hopper is equipped with holes and calibrated metering device.
(4) The head: the head is formed by a steel inner sleeve and the carbon steel jacket structure, the nose has the mold. The role of head of the rotary motion is made the plastic melt into a linear motion parallel, uniformly smooth import mold sets in, and give the necessary plastic molding pressure.

2. Transmission: Transmission is the role of the drive screw, supply screw extrusion process the required torque and speed, generally consists of motor, reducer and bearing components.

3. The heating and cooling devices: heating and cooling is a necessary condition for a plastic extrusion process can be carried out.
(1) Extruder are now commonly used electrically heated, divided into resistance heating and induction heating, heating plate mounted on the body, neck machine, each part of the handpiece. By an external heating apparatus heating a plastic tube, allowed to warm to reach a required temperature for the operation.
(2) In order to ensure the cooling device is in the process of plastic required temperature range settings. Specifically, in order to remove excess heat generated by friction screw rotation shearing, in order to avoid overheating the plastic decomposition, scorch or stereotypes difficulties. Barrel cooling into water-cooled and air-cooled, small and medium air-cooled extruder appropriate, using large-scale water-cooled cooling or combination; cooled screw water-cooled center mainly aimed at increasing the rate of transport of solid material stable volume of the plastic and improving product quality; but in the cooling hopper, first, in order to strengthen the role of transport of solid materials, prevent increasing the temperature and plastic pellets sticky discharge port, the second is to ensure the normal work of transmission part.

Second, the auxiliary equipment:
Auxiliary plastic granulator unit included actinomycetes, straightening device, preheat devices, cooling devices, traction devices, Meters, Spark Tester, take-up device. Different uses of its extrusion unit optional auxiliary equipment are not the same.