Putting Styrofoam trash into Styrofoam compactor makes Christmas holiday perfect


Christmas holidays are coming. What should you do with all the Styrofoam trash and peanut packaging you will accumulate during the holidays?


States in the United States have different regulations for Styrofoam trash, but in addition to California, Washington, and other two states, residents are not allowed to throw Styrofoam trash into roadside recycling bins. These states can only be used to regularly organize Styrofoam recycling in the community activities to make up for the deficiencies of urban recycling systems.


Some states purchase a professional GREENMAX Styrofoam compactor A-C100 and place it on a truck for easy movement. After collecting enough Styrofoam trash in the community recycling activity, park the truck nearby for Styrofoam recycling.


The steps for using machine recycling are simple: one is to put waste materials, and the other is to organize the recycled Styrofoam block. After the Styrofoam trash is put into the machine, the built-in cutter will cut the waste to powder, and then the Styrofoam air content is compressed by the cold-pressing screw, and finally the recycled Styrofoam block with a compression ratio of 50: 1 is produced.


Recycled Styrofoam block greatly improves storage and transportation efficiency. At the same time, the Styrofoam block can be used as a raw material for products such as photo frames, skirting boards, and hangers. It can be sold to the manufacturers of these products for profit. And Greenmax, the brand of Styrofoam recycling machine, also repurchasing Styrofoam block.


Sending Styrofoam trash to the recycling activity center and putting it into Styrofoam compactor will make your Christmas holiday more perfect and wish you a Merry Christmas!