Professional machines and recycling programs are all necessary for Styrofoam recycling

The news reported that Styrofoam waste will be recycled through a Macon County pilot program. Today,with the ban on Styrofoam is in vogue, recycling programs are indeed good news!

You know, many people are under the mistaken impression that the reason some recyclers don’t accept Styrofoam waste is that it just couldn’t be recycled. It was really a mistake. Styrofoam material is recyclable and almost 100% recyclable, the real reason for the difficulties of Styrofoam recycling is that we just lacked the technology or ability to do so.

Styrofoam can serve as packaging boxes, food containers, building insulation and so on. With the applications of Styrofoam material wider, there are more environmental problems.

Styrofoam is large in size, containing about 95% air, and you will find that almost in every store, Styrofoam waste accounts for 60% to 80% of its total waste production. It's the equivalent of a 53-foot-long transport truck, and every store has a weekly transport truck filled with polystyrene foam to the landfill.

Typically, the fate of Styrofoam waste is burning or landfill. Styrofoam doesn’t degrade naturally, this treatment that we think is convenient will do great harm to our environment. The undegraded Styrofoam residues will pollute soil, water and air.

To improve the recycling rate of Styrofoam, not only recycling programs are needed, processional Styrofoam recycling machines are also necessary. GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier is a melting machine which is specially designed for Styrofoam volume reduction. After feeding, the waste foam will be automatically crushed, melted and extruded by the machine. With the foam volume reduction ratio of 50:1, the melted Styrofoam ingots will be easier to transport, sell and recycle.

More importantly, you can see the rebirth of Styrofoam by GREENMAX machines. The recycled Styrofoam can be the raw material for many other new foam products, like photo frames, moldings, decorations and so on.