Professional foam densifier equipment manufacturer -Greenmax

INTCO recycling is the leading supplier for PS recycling solutions worldwide. During the past 10 years, INTCO has always been committed to renewable plastic recycling. It not only help bring back renewable plastics for recycling, but also provide its high-quality recycling machines for sale all over the world. The on-site installation and technical guidance, the thoughtful after-sale services, have been highly praised by so many customers at home and abroad.

GREENMAX, which belongs to INTCO, is a world renowned brand established in Los Angeles, USA in 2008. It focuses on researching and developing environmental recycled machines, such as the EPS compactor and the foam densifier. With 6 years’ accumulative innovation, it now has 4 series as follows: APOLO, POSEIDON, ZEUS and MARS. The materials they dispose vary differently, such as EPS, XPS, PSP, EPE, and some waste drinking products like PET beverage, cans, yogurt and so on.

Suitable for all kinds of polystyrene foam materials, such as XPS, PSP, EPE, and EPP, the GREENMAX foam densifier of MARS series are more popular and better sold. 



To take EPS as an example, this series of machine can crush waste EPS into pieces and then these EPS pieces will be melted after heating. After that, the melted EPS will be squeezed out and shaped after cooling. Dramatically, the volume reduction ratio can reach up to 90:1. Later through a granulation process, EPS material will be made into pellets, for the rebirth of other plastic products.

With 10 years’ rich experience, from team research and development, to engineers’ commissioning installation, from frequent trail and test, to continuous update, GREENMAX foam recycling machines have enjoyed a wide range of popularity, with nearly 100 percent of the buyers coming from the foreign countries.

The GREENMAX market mainly extend to Europe and America, with the number in 2016 of global sales reaching up to more than 500. As professional foam densifier equipment manufacturer, the prospect of GREENMAX will be more and more expansive.