Polystyrene recycling should be implemented with the help of compactors

Polystyrene is widely applied in people’s daily lives, it can be used to make disposable coffee cups, food containers or egg trays. So polystyrene becomes one of the most ubiquitous forms of plastic litter found in the oceans and lands, since it isn’t degradable in the nature, it causes serious environment pollution.
In a few years ago, many countries banned the use of plastic bags. Shops and supermarkets charged fees for offering plastic bags. The situation of using plastic bags turned better. Nowadays, people realized that polystyrene is another big source of plastic waste. But many people still apply polystyrene products in many aspects because of its convenience.


And it seems that people haven’t found reasonable substitute of polystyrene products. But it is just about as bad for the environment as single-use plastic bags. Maybe worse, because polystyrene products don’t usually get recycled and reused as plastic bags.Relevant researchers estimated that billions of polystyrene foam cups are used every year. That’s just cups! The typical takeout meal also comes with an assortment of disposable containers, plates, straws and beverage container tops.
In the past, most of the polystyrene waste were buried in the landfills or get burned. However, both of these methods lead to pollution due to the poisonous gas emission.  It is also estimated that trillions of particles of plastic are floating around in the worldwide oceans. That’s unhealthy and unsightly. Polystyrene can’t biodegrade in the way that organic material does, it usually turns into smaller bits that are gobbled up by sea birds and creatures, and it’s much to their detriment.
Recycling polystyrene costs time and money, but the result maybe worse than people imagined. Many cities are now applying recycling machines to recycle waste polystyrene. Not only the machines can increase the efficiency but also they can reduce a lot of costs.
Foam compactors are used to compress polystyrene foam waste, then make them into highly dense blocks which can be turned into new products such as picture frames.The foam waste would be broke down and condensed into smaller units shaped like bricks. Once the polystyrene is condensed into bricks it will be shipped off to end markets and recycled into plastic beads.

INTCO is one of the company which produces compactor machines and offers recycling services for several types of materials, including expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS), expanded polypropylene (EPP) and polystyrene paper (also known as PSP). INTCO is very professional in recycling polystyrene waste.