Polystyrene Recycling in Georgia Athens-Clarke County

Great news!!! Grant $ 29,000 will be used to expanded polystyrene recycling in Georgia Athens-Clarke County.

The money comes from the Foam Recycling Coalition, will be used to buy GREENMAX recycling machine to compact EPS in the local solid waste recycling sector. 95% of EPS is the gas, so the use of Styrofoam densifier can help transport and recycling. The GREENMAX recycling machine is for recycling centers in the area, located in north of Athens center. The center accepts a wide variety of materials, including plastic films and EPS.
Georgia, Athens-Clarke County
Lynn Dyer, the president of the Food Packaging Association represents, recycling work in Athens-Clarke County has been significant progress, its operations have demonstrated outstanding ability recovery work.

Some local residents use the infrastructure to recycle EPS packaging with GREENMAX recycling machine, some local companies bought INTCO GREENMAX recycling machine to compact or melt EPS foam. These new investments will enable the center for food-grade EPS products and improve operational efficiency. In addition, this money will also allow the county to collect EPS from large generators.