Polystyrene packaging waste in Christmas gifts will be recycled by polystyrene densifier in California


Christmas is approaching and online gift purchases are becoming more and more popular, so if you're buying anything online, remember that when the package arrives, you can just throw the polystyrene packaging waste inside into California's roadside blue bin.


Some characteristics of Polystyrene materials fully meet the needs of retailers' packaging products. Because of it, Low-cost polystyrene has quickly become the packaging material of choice for retailers. Therefore, tons of Polystyrene packaging trash that are discarded every year, once entering the landfill, will cause long-term pollution.


Fortunately, California's municipalities are aware of this and have collaborated with local recyclers on polystyrene recycling. Polystyrene recycler owns a GREENMAX polystyrene densifier M-C100. This professional recycling machine helps recyclers to recycle efficiently and cost-effectively.


The Polystyrene densifier machine contains a cutter and a hot-melt screw. The polystyrene trash that is put into the hopper mouth is first crushed into a dust shape by the cutter, and then passes through the hot-melt screw to heat and melt the polystyrene trash to squeeze out air. Solid brick-like polystyrene ingot.


Polystyrene ingot is also called recycled polystyrene. Unlike the softness of polystyrene trash, it is a hard plastic that can be made into photo frames, hangers, etc. Therefore, recyclers will sell polystyrene ingot as a commodity to the end market for profit.


Municipal and recycler cooperation is a win-win way. Recyclers can make money by recycling polystyrene trash. California residents can safely throw polystyrene packaging trash into blue bins on the roadside.