Polystyrene Foam Densifier Helps to Realize the 'Save Our Polystyrene'

Every year the UCCE Master Gardeners of Tuolumne County start off the year by having one of their largest and most popular events which are 'save our polystyrene'. The event usually the third weekend in January. This year due to COVID-19 restrictions, this event will have to be postponed. However, many residents have collected polystyrene and save it for this collection event. Many residents of Tuolumne County may not be aware that all the landfills in the county have been closed and all waste material is trucked out of the county. What about the collected polystyrene for those who are not willing to wait for the delay?


In view of the long-term development of this event, it is essential to purchasing a polystyrene foam densifier to deal with polystyrene foam. Just imagine, the original intention of holding this activity is to improve people's environmental awareness and make more use of polystyrene, which coincides with the design concept of polystyrene foam densifier. This kind of foam recycling machine based on hot-melting technology can efficiently reclaim waste polystyrene foam in a ratio of 90:1, so as to avoid environmental pollution caused by this material.


The advantage of polystyrene foam densifier is not only that it doesn't have to be limited by whether the landfill is open or not, and it doesn't have to worry about unexpected situations like COVID-19, In addition, this recycling machine is not so much to deal with the polystyrene as to give this material a new life. After the treatment of polystyrene foam densifier, waste polystyrene will form hot melt ingots, a kind of raw material for manufacturing plastic particles, which can eventually become exquisite photo frames, lines, and canvas paintings.


There is no doubt that 'save our polystyrene' is a very good activity, which has an absolutely positive impact on the utilization and recycling of polystyrene. Once the Polystyrene foam densifier is put into use in this event, the far-reaching impact on this event and even polystyrene recycling are obvious.