Polystyrene disposal is a concern that can be solved with a GREENMAX machine

According to the report by Business Wire of Dublin on September 14, the global polystyrene market was valued at USD 23.91 billion in 2016 and is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.38% reaching USD 32.74 billion by 2022.  

The data, in fact, is quite strong in suggesting that people’s demand for polystyrene is growing. Meanwhile, recycling polystyrene is also a problem that we have to solve.

Items of polystyrene have filtered into our lives everywhere. As you can see that large amounts of polystyrene is consumed especially in the food packaging industry and this industry accounts for more than one-third of the global polystyrene market.

It is also utilized to develop consumer products, create sterile disposable cutlery and to insulate buildings. Polystyrene foam is used in energy conservation in creation of green built spaces to improve energy efficiency.

With the increasing demand for polystyrene, polystyrene disposal has also been attracting significant attention. The voice of recycling polystyrene packaging is the highest in the recycling industry.

Being a lightweight material, polystyrene recycling facing many problems because it is not easy to transport to the recycling plants due to the great deal of cost to do so. Additionally, polystyrene is a bulky material, so we have to reduce its volume with a kind of recycling machine before recycling it.

Established in 2008, the GRENMAX machine has many years’ experience in polystyrene recycling. Besides, Styrofoam recycling, foam container recycling as well as Styrofoam box recycling can also be done well in GREENMAX. Meanwhile, Polypropylene is able to be dealed with by Greenmax Polypropylene compactor.

GREENMAX machine can provide polystyrene recycling machines to help you reduce the volume of the foam for the first step. GREENMAX APOLO Series specializes in compressing all kinds of polystyrene material. The machine will crush the waste foam and compress it into dense blocks with high ratio 50:1.
Compare to the APOLO Series, MARS series is a kind of hot melting machine which can also reduce the volume of the waste foam up to 90:1 and it is more efficient than the APOLO Series. Polystyrene foam, after compaction or melting, can be sold for recycling and reusing them to make frame products and construction moldings.

GREENMAX machine has provided its recycling solutions to more than 60 countries and regions. Polystyrene disposal has attracted attention with the increasing demand for polystyrene. Don’t forget to recycle it after using. If you are interested, welcome to leave your comments.