Polystyrene compactor has captured people's attention in the polystyrene recycling fields

The end of the year is the busiest time for the express industry because many people will buy Special purchases for the Spring Festival. Online shopping is very convenient, you only need to wait at home, your goods will be delivered to your hands. But meanwhile, it also produces a lot of packaging waste, especially white foam packaging, which is a kind of light material in weight.


This white foam packaging is called expanded polystyrene, which is commonly used in varieties of applications in packaging and food applications. Also known as Styrofoam, it is widely used to keep electronics and other fragile items safe for transportation.


After using, this foam packaging is rarely recycled and always discarded as waste in the landfill or the ocean, which marine animals mistake for food, resulting in sickness and death.


what's more, it is the main source of white pollution and seriously affects the beauty of the city environment. A lot of cities have banned the use of polystyrene items, such as New York City, Seattle, Miami Beach and San Francisco  as well as the states of California and Maryland have banned the use of polystyrene items but they all failed.

With the polystyrene pollution worsening, people are becoming more and more environment conscious. Recycling polystyrene waste also captures people's attention.


Polystyrene compactor is a kind of recycling machine that has been welcomed in recent years. It can help you recycle the polystyrene waste. The machine can reduce the volume of the material with a compression ratio of 50:1. The material can easily be compressed into EPS blocks by the compacting system of the machine. And also can be sold or remade to framing products.



Polystyrene compactor has captured people's attention in the polystyrene recycling fields. If interested, you are welcome to join us.