Plastics Machinery Industry Significantly Improved

With the rapid development of the plastics industry, market demand for plastic recycling machine increased significantly. Many companies introduced foreign advanced technology, design through joint ventures with similar foreign companies , co-production and purchase of license, etc., so that Chinese plastics machinery industry has made a significant upgrade, the product began to meet the general needs of the processing industry.

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Global demand for plastics processing machinery, is expected to grow 6.9 percent per year to reach 37.1 billion in 2017, this growth due to better sales, resulting in fixed asset investment spending and accelerate economic growth in the production of plastic products.

Due to the overall global improved economic situation, the incomes, consumer demand and production of plastic products will continue to grow. India, China and Russia is optimistic about sales prospects for plastics processing equipment. Turkey, Czech Republic, Iran and other developing countries and regions, thanks to steady economic growth, the demand for plastics recycling equipment will grow. And polystyrene packaging in plastic processing machinery will remain the largest market, accounting for more than a third of all sales in 2017. The next largest end market is consumer goods and construction.

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INTCO GREENMAX Team is the only one able to provide total solutions for EPS recycling in China, is a professional team included business consulting, equipment, raw material procurement, transport services. GREENMAX recycling has a five-year worldwide EPS procurement experience. GREENMAX also has a professional engineers team which can provide free models designed for guests with special needs.

GREENMAX machine, all electrical components used international brands such as Siemens, Schneider, Phoenix, etc., to ensure the quality of equipment, GREENMAX produce Styrofoam recycling machines in order to have more stable quality of EPS suppliers, so we must ensure that the machines are durable, otherwise we will not get the best EPS raw materials.

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As the basic necessities of life can not miss in our daily life, polystyrene recycling machine can not be a lack of facilities in the plastics industry, while the comprehensive development of the plastics industry, plastic recycling machinery and equipment also will have great progress, is now the global economic situation provides a good opportunity for development for Styrofoam densifier, EPS compactor and other mechanical equipment, as a business owner, if you can quickly grab this opportunity, you will have a good development.