Performance introduction of two professional polystyrene recycling machines


When it refers to the most difficult disposing material during the recycling process, there must be polystyrene, the #6 Foam, which is often used as packaging materials.


Polystyrene is everywhere. We use it for coffee cups, takeaway containers, disposable travel coolers - all of which have serious environmental impacts. This material is very light and contains 95% air, which effectively insulates hot and cold items and protects fragile items. Those little popcorn bubbles may be everywhere, but they do a great job in shipping.


Polystyrene is one of the most vexing materials for environmentalists, fortunately, some professional recycling companies have been promoting the recycling of polystyrene waste all over the world. With over ten years of recycling experience, GREENMAX has been a reliable recycling equipment supplier and waste material buyer in the recycling field. Here is the performance introduction of two professional polystyrene recycling machines from GREENMAX.


1.Polystyrene screw compacting machine


GREENMAX supply energy saving polystyrene compactor with competitive price. The machine is equipped with crusher and screw, which help turn the loose foam boxes into small pieces and then compact them as dense foam blocks. With the compression ratio of 50:1, the recycled polystyrene blocks are more convenience to transport than before.


2.Polystyrene hot melting machine


GREENMAX also provide high productivity polystyrene densifier to realize loose foam crushing, melting and extruding. After the whole process, the melted foam ingots are hard as stone. It helps the recyclers save much storage and transportation costs. According to the needs of customers, we provide professional customization of various spare parts. For example, the automatic water cooling system and heightening storehouse. These special design not only reduce environmental pollution, but also maintain the foam material properties to a certain extent. Recycled foam ingots are precious raw material sources for industrial products.


As customer demand expands, GREENMAX continues to upgrade its machine performance. We will test it before shipment to ensure that the machine performance meets the customer's requirements.