Packaging foams densifiers can help people turn the waste into treasure

Packaging foams are made up of material types such as PS, PU, PO, PE and others. PS is the most versatile type of polymer foam. EPS and XPS are two types of PS based packaging foams. EPS foam is lightweight, composed of individual cells of low-density PS, and has high strength-to-weight ratio because its cells are not interconnected. It is useful in food service and protective packaging end-use services.

Flexible foam is the fastest-growing structure type segment of the packaging foams market. Flexible foam's anti-static feature makes it the preferred packaging option for electronics parts and medical tools & equipment, and sporting goods.


Mostly PE foams are cut according to the shape of the product or customized it in a different structure which, in turn, has contributed to the growth of the flexible foam segment in the packaging foams market.

The above mentioned Styrofoam, polyethylene foam, extruded polystyrene foam and other foams are actually all recyclable materials. However, the world’s waste foam recycling rate is only about 30% which is quite low at present. This is not match the growing pace of those foam materials.

Due to the recyclable characteristic of the waste foams, the foam recycling machine should be known by more people around the world. The foam materials such as Styrofoam is almost 98% air, so the most effective way to dispose it is to reduce the volume of it. Foam densifiers are the kind of foam recycling machine that can melt the foams into ingots which are 90 time smaller than the loose foams.

GREENMAX from INTCO recycling has the kind of machine and it has supplied the machines to many companies around the world. It can not only supply Styrofoam densifiers, but can supply Styrofoam compactors, because it is the Styrofoam recycling specialist and INTCO is one of the biggest end-user of the recycled Styrofoam materials in China.


INCTO is willing to purchase back all the recycled Styrofoam from its clients. Their clients include recyclers, manufacturers, home appliance companies and other companies. Most of them has turned the waste foam into treasure by the help of GREENMAX foam densifier. Now, if you are also interest in the foam recycling industry, the foam densifier may be a good recycling tool for you.